Limburg, Belgium

Reading Between The Lines

Part modern art project, part traditional chapel, this see-through church is only substantial from the right angle
06 Jul 2015
Kazan , Russia

Temple of All Religions

This Russian religious complex is a Frankenstein's chapel that includes influence from almost all the major faiths
06 Jul 2015
Seyðisfjörður, Iceland


These concrete domes were installed on an Icelandic bluff to honor a very specific musical tradion
06 Jul 2015
Hunstville , Alabama

The Grave of Miss Baker

Bananas are often left at the gravestone of the first monkey America ever recovered alive after being launched into space
06 Jul 2015
Ventnor, Australia

Penguin Parade At Phillip Island

An unphotographable nightly march of tens of thousands of "fairy penguins" from sea to shore
03 Jul 2015
London, United Kingdom

The Hardy Tree

This churchyard arbor is surrounded by hundreds of gravestones placed their by author Thomas Hardy
03 Jul 2015
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The United (And Divided) States Of Jennifer

by Cara Giaimo / 06 Jul 2015


Say you’re an alien trying to figure out the strange cultural brew that is the United States. You want to know how the country has changed over time—which states are similar to each other and which are different, how ideas have spread from coast to coast, whether particular regions like to stick to tradition or groove on the unique. You have a special telescope that lets you keep track of one attribute, state-by-state, and you have a hundred years to sit and look through it.

What do you set it to—political affiliation? Average income? Favorite sport?

What about number of Jennifers?

Sociologists at the Sapienza University of Rome recently published a paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which tracked baby names in the United States over more than a century. After looking at the changing popularity of Jennifers (and Cynthias, Barbaras, Patricias, Susans, and so on) in all fifty states, they’ve come out with maps that show which states have similar taste in names from year to year.

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