New York, New York

The Former Home of New York's Playboy Club

A simple midtown bar was once the home of a secretive and exclusive club staffed by "bunnies" under Heffner's strict rules
29 May 2015
Chişinău, Moldova

Chisinau Jewish Cemetery

Europe's largest Jewish cemetery is hidden away in the capitol of Moldova
29 May 2015
New Orleans, Louisiana

Tomb of the Unknown Slave

Made of giant chains and hung with shackles, this iron cross honors those unknowns who perished under American slavery
29 May 2015
Orkney, United Kingdom

Ring of Brodgar

The true age of this ancient stone circle is unknown, but its stunning vista's not in question
29 May 2015
Madison, Wisconsin

Otis Redding Memorial Plaque

A bronze plaque marks the site of the only show the King of the Soul Singers ever missed
29 May 2015
Huntsville, Alabama

Dead Children's Playground

What else would you call a playground hidden in Alabama's oldest and largest cemetery?
29 May 2015


FOUND: A Gun Linked to 7 Murders Was Sitting in a British Museum

by Sarah Laskow / 29 May 2015

This is an example of a VZ58 rifle, which Irish paramilitaries were supplied with. (Photo: Wikimedia)

In February 1992, Protestant paramilitaries killed 5 people in betting shop in Belfast. The VZ58 rifle later connected to those murders was also linked to two killings in 1988. The people who committed these murders were never found, but the weapons has been—it was sitting in the Imperial War Museum, the BBC reports.

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