North Port, Florida

Warm Mineral Springs

This ancient sinkhole-turned-healing-pool is a treasure trove of archeological discoveries and may even be the Fountain of Youth
31 Mar 2015
Barcelona, Spain

Bunkers del Carmel

These secluded and abandoned anti-aircraft defenses have become one the most scenic viewpoints in Barcelona
31 Mar 2015
Willaston , Cheshire

World Worm Charming Championships

This bizarre English competition answers the important question: how many worms can YOU coax out of the ground?
31 Mar 2015
Braunschweig, Germany

Carl Friedrich Gauss Monument

This German monument honors the so-called "Prince of Mathematicians"
31 Mar 2015
Chicago, Illinois

Ulysses S. Grant Boulder

A strange rock in Chicago marks the spot where a tree once stood in honor of the 18th President
31 Mar 2015
Ambrym Island, Vanuatu

Ambrym Island

Plains of ash and pair of semi-active volcanoes contribute to the otherworldly beauty of this little-known Vanuatu island
30 Mar 2015

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