Oregon City, Oregon

Tree Climbing Planet

This Oregon farm is dedicated to teaching people the professional art of tree climbing
29 Jul 2015
Cass, United States

Cass Scenic Railroad

Take a steam-powered ride straight out of the past on this Appalachian rail line
28 Jul 2015
Mount Washington, Massachusetts

Bash Bish Falls

One of the most scenic falls in Massachusetts has a history of death and grim legend
28 Jul 2015
Pietermaritzbetrg, South Africa

African Bird of Prey Sanctuary

Environmentally crucial raptors like eagles and vultures are kept and protected in this massive sanctuary
28 Jul 2015
Alexandria Bay, New York

Just Room Enough Island

This tiny little island has, as the name says, just enough room for its single house
28 Jul 2015
Leiden, Netherlands

Gebouw Leidsch Dagblad Elephant Drainpipe

This historic Dutch newspaper building is covered with media-themed details—and one unrelated oddity.
27 Jul 2015


Exit Interview: I'm A Crypto-Specialist Working To Secure the Internet For A Billion People

by Jeremy Berke / 28 Jul 2015

article-image(Photo: wavebreakmedia/shutterstock.com)

It’s 2015, and living half your life online is unavoidable. Our personal computers have become like extensions of our brains and bodies, portals to a world where we can assume new identities, interact with strangers across the globe, and learn once unimaginable things.

But computers are also tools. Not only do we store our sensitive information within the nebulous web of hardware and software, but we also search. Want to know a person’s secrets? Check their Google history.

This is why data security plays into our deepest, darkest fears. The risk of exposing our personal information to the rest of the internet causes paranoia. In a post-Snowden era, security controversies dominate headlines.

We spoke with Karsten Nohl, a Berlin-based crypto-specialist, to get a better handle on these issues. Karsten views himself as an ethical hacker who exposes the security flaws of large corporations, including GSM mobile phone carriers and credit card companies, in order to better protect the customers.

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