Hong Kong

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine

If you've ever wanted to tear Hello Kitty apart with your teeth, this is the place
09 Oct 2015
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Ax-Man Surplus

The Midwest's reigning king of surplus stores is full of nothing you need and everything you want
09 Oct 2015
Florence, Alabama

Rosenbaum House

This architectural triumph is the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in Alabama
09 Oct 2015
Mestia, Georgia

Queen Tamar Airport

Despite being tiny and rural this Georgian airport looks like a sci-fi boondoggle
09 Oct 2015
New York, New York

The Burns Archive

A staggering collection of photographs depicting medical, social, and historical change
09 Oct 2015
Cadenet, France

The French Resistance Memorials of Cadenet

This stone memorial remembers a group of French soldiers gunned down by their own men
09 Oct 2015


The Alluring Art Deco Parkway That Winds Through Connecticut

by Cale Weissman / 09 Oct 2015


A soothing drive down Connecticut's Merritt Parkway. (Photo: Doug Kerr/ flickr)

If there were an EGOT for highways, Connecticut’s Merritt Parkway would surely be one.

It is listed as a National Scenic Byway by the Federal Highway Commission, which could be considered the Pulitzer Prize for public roads. The National Park Service has listed it as a Registered Historic Place (a list that includes thousands of American spaces, but only a handful of highways). The Merritt has its own conservancy, a non-profit organization dedicated solely to keeping the Merritt intact and as beautiful as possible. Even the Library of Congress has written about the Merritt’s hallowed paved roads.

It’s a truly beloved span of pavement. But why? What makes this road so interesting? The answer lies in both its history and design.

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