Foley, Alabama

Holmes Medical Museum

Tucked away atop a quaint Alabama pharmacy is this tiny display of antique medical tools
27 Jan 2015
Sarawak, Malaysia

The Pinnacles of Gunung Mulu

These jagged limestone blades cut out through the canopy of the jungles of Borneo
27 Jan 2015
Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

The Baths

This huge pile of volcanic boulders hides a stunning network of secret grottoes
27 Jan 2015
London, United Kingdom

The Mail Rail

Hidden beneath the streets of London is a secret subway that only carries mail
27 Jan 2015
Rockville, Maryland

The Fitzgeralds' Gravesite

The final resting place of the tragic king and queen of the Jazz Age is tucked away in a small Maryland graveyard
26 Jan 2015
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kaufmann's Clock

Meet your friends, marry your true love, or tell your enemies to kiss your butt under this historic Pittsburgh timepiece
26 Jan 2015
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In a Christchurch Scarred with Earthquake Rubble, Art and Dance-O-Mats Color the Voids

by Ben Mirin / 26 Jan 2015

article-imageDancers at the Dance-O-Mat in Christchurch, New Zealand (all photographs by the author)

The two dancers shuffled through songs on their iPhones, deciding which track they would dance to next. Their stage was behind them, a polished wooden square situated at the center of a vacant lot in Christchurch, New Zealand. Huge yellow speakers leaned out from all four corners, turned up high.

Then it was decided. The next song would be Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk."

Plugging her phone into a washing machine on the edge of the dance floor, one of the dancers, Grace Cabell, checked the coin slot on the side of the machine then pushed play. Across the front of the machine was a label: "Dance-O-Mat."

"You just have to put two dollars in and the machine plays your songs through the speakers," she told me. "Luckily someone else must've just put money in. We don't have to pay!"

The performance unfolded for a select audience of passersby, including a Canadian tourist who promptly left his two friends to join in. Funky bass lines and Mars' high tenor reverberated among nearby pillars of concrete and mangled steel.

article-imageThe remains of the Christchurch Cathedral, with the Chalice sculpture celebrating the city's 150th anniversary visible behind.


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