Zombies! (Image: Night of the Living Dead)

In the 1960s, when George Romero was making the classic zombie movie Night of the Living Dead, one nine minute chunk—supposedly “the largest zombie scene in the film,” the A.V. Club says—was cut. 

But now, Romero has found the footage, he told the audience at the Monster Mania convention earlier this month. He came across a 16mm print that included the cut footage, and it could be included in an upcoming re-release of the film. 

Of course, by that time, we could all be more worried about actual zombies. There was that strange incident in which a man bit people on a plane and then died. And in South Carolina, a woman found a gravestone just lying in the road…but the person that it belonged to already had a gravemarker on his grave site. How did it move? Where did it come from? No one knows.

It’s all very mysterious…and a little bit spooky.

Bonus finds: Proust’s madeleines were originally toastconcentration camp currency

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