The first warning came after authorities took away the alligator—clean up that house, or we’ll have to take the rest of the animals. All of them.

But the Long Island man who was keeping more than 400 animals in his pretty normal-sized home did not fix up his menagerie enough to satisfy Nassau County’s Animal Crime Unit. The animals were recently taken away, in the county’s “largest animal seizure” ever, reports ABC7.

The total tally of animals in the house came in over 400. The largest subsection was birds, with more than 250. Reptiles came in second, with more than 150, including a giant alligator snapping turtle (love those guys) and an illegal Asian water monitor lizard. But there were mammals, too—chinchillas and rabbits, prairie dogs (also great), a skunk. The collection included six cats and dogs, as well, which are allowed to stay…apparently just because they’re “normal” pets.

The concern here was for the animals’ well being: a lawyer for the owner told ABC7 that the animals were all in good health, but the workers who cleared out the house reported that the smell was terrible.

The menagerie wasn’t exactly quiet, either: “You can’t help but know. you’d walk by and you’d hear the birds,” one neighbor said.

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