Make like Janet and Cliff and head to Coryell Court. (Photo: Screenshot from Singles.)

Fans of the ’90s Seattle slacker-grunge scene are in for a treat this Sunday, when Singles, a cinema hallmark of the era, will be screened at the very location where it was shot.

Attendees should know, though, that they might get arrested.

Seattle artist Derek Erdman has arranged a less-than-authorized viewing of the film, which stars Bridget Fonda, Matt Dillon, Kyra Sedgwick, and Campbell Scott, in the courtyard of Coryell Court Apartments in Capitol Hill. The impetus for this ambitious yet logical undertaking was quite simple, according to the Facebook event created by Erdman:

OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME: I’ve recently come across a TV with a built in VCR and a VHS copy of SINGLES and asked a person who lives in the building where SINGLES was filmed if we could watch SINGLES in the courtyard of the SINGLES building. This is quite possibly the only chance you’ll ever have to watch this 1992 “classic” grunge rom-com at the place where this 1992 “classic” grunge rom-com was filmed.

So far, over 1,300 Facebook users have RSVP’d to say they will attend the event. You might wonder if such a large crowd will be able to fully appreciate the film on a standard-sized, ’90s era CRT TV with built-in speakers and an extension cable running from the apartment of a kind resident. But in an interview with the Seattle Times, Erdman said that such concerns missed the point:

The point of this event isn’t to comfortably enjoy the cinematic masterpiece that is Singles or to witness Matt Dillon’s role of a lifetime. I can’t even imagine that it will last longer than 15 minutes, you know?

Imagine 1,300 people, a TV with built-in VCR, and a really long cord here on Sunday. (Photo: Ciar on Wikipedia/Public domain)

Attendees, who may make popcorn with whomever they want to, are in for a lively and unpredictable experience, possibly with a special guest or two. Or not. Erdman broke it down for the Times:

Nothing guaranteed, but I’ve received messages from people who are close to James Le Gros and Tom Skerritt and have suggested they might stop by. A friend of mine’s father was an extra in the Alice in Chains scene; he might attend. Somebody who claims to own Janet’s car said they’d bring it by. There will also be some commemorative buttons and T-shirts given away. It’s going to rule so hard. If Tad and Xavier McDaniel dropped in, it would rule slightly harder.

There is also the possibility of being booked for trespassing, but Erdman reasons that “[t]he landlord of the Singles apartment can’t have 1,200 people arrested at once.”

If you can’t make it to the screening this Sunday, you can still live the 20-something slacker dream at Coryell Court. An apartment in the building is available for rent on Airbnb, as long as you abide by the following rules set by the owner: “Don’t steal or break my beautiful things, don’t smoke, PLEASE TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU COME IN. Live your life to the fullest.”