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Abandoned Eriksdal Train Tunnel

Södermalm, Sweden

It was meant to help transport wounded soldiers to a secret underground hospital. 


An old overgrown train track and tunnel with an intriguing history hide close to one of Stockholm’s most popular bathhouses.

The old industry track was built between 1925 and 1940. It stretches from the top northeastern tip of the Södermalm and arcs to the southwest. It begins near the harbor, as the idea was that wounded men arriving via ship to the harbor could be ferried away to an underground disaster center hidden beneath the hospital.

But no ships full of wounded World War II soldiers ever arrived. The railway did see some violence, though, as it was one of the places bombed by the Soviets during the February bombings of 1944.

The city has made several requests to remove the train tracks to construct houses in their place. The request keeps being denied, leading the city to find other uses for the space. Marathons have been held there, as well as theater shows and art exhibits. Proposed plans for the tunnel include a pedestrian path, concert hall, and even a ski trail.

Know Before You Go

The closest subway station is "Skanstull" on the green line. Walk into the park and go south until you see the bridge, below the bridge you will see the track. Find a way down past the fence and walk along the track towards the west. You will see the gate at this point.

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