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Silvana Nakamura Mosaico

Tupã, Brazil

This artist's studio is decorated inside and out with tiles, mosaics, and ceramic dishware. 


Varpa is a district in the small town of Tupã, in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. The district is known for being home to a large population of Latvian immigrants. Amidst the Latvian-style architecture, there is one colorful residence with intricate tile mosaic pieces on the outside. This is the atelier of an artist who works with mosaic style.

Artist Silvana Nakamura decorated the entire residence with her art, inside and out. What is most striking is that some of her works are made with parts or even whole dishes such as cups and saucers. At this site, you can also find details such as an old sewing machine and chickens walking around the yard.

Currently, visitors can see the house from outside. But with a little luck, if Silvana is around, is possible to ask her to take a walk inside the atelier. Her plans are to transform the place into a cafe very soon.

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