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Enchanted City of Tamajón

Tamajón, Spain

Whimsical sculptures and caves chiseled by nature over the millennia. 


In the small village of Tamajón in Guadalajara, Spain, there’s a stretch of karst landscape dotted with whimsical-looking rocky “sculptures” chiseled over time by nature.

Dubbed the Enchanted City (Ciudad Encantada) of  Tamajón, the geological gem was formed thousands of years ago as the landscape’s limestone rock was eroded by a combination of wind, water, and ice. The elements molded the rocks into bizarre shapes, even forming natural caves and arches.  

The area is quite similar to the fantastical rock formations at the better-known Enchanted City in the mountains of Cuenca, Spain. The Enchanted City of Tamajón is far less known, but no less geologically interesting than its cousin 100 miles away.

Know Before You Go

From Madrid take A-2 (toward Barcelona) until you reach the town of Guadalajara. Then take CM-1004 to Tamajón. The rock formations are open 24/7 and free to visit. 

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