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Augenroller (Eye Roller)

Every half hour the eye-rolling clock face sticks out its tongue to mock the good citizens of Koblenz. 


The town clock in Saint Florin’s market in Koblenz, Germany, contains more than one face. It’s adorned with an image that according to local lore represents Johan Lutter, a 16th century robber. Though he was sentenced to death and lost his head in 1536, his visage still keeps watch over Koblenz’s Old Town from beneath the clock.

The face’s eyes roll back and forth as the pendulum moves, marking the passage of time. When the clock strikes the hour or half hour, the whimsical sheet metal man sticks out his tongue to mock the good citizens of Koblenz.

This depicts the gruesome yet morbidly comical expression Lutter supposedly made in his final moments. Some legends even say he continued to roll his eyes and wiggle his tongue after his head lay severed from his body.

Though the original Augenroller was constructed in the 18th century, it was damaged during World War II and replaced by a smaller, simper version in 1965. 

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One block up from the Moselle River, at the Florinmarkt Square.

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July 12, 2017

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