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Green Eggs and Jam

Morganton, North Carolina

An eclectic store sells obscure vinyl recordings of Charles Manson and Jim Jones, along with many other oddities. 


From vinyl records to board games, Geen Eggs and Jam has an eclectic assortment of oddities, all for sale. In 1994, Stacey Peek first opened the store in Asheville, North Carolina. He later relocated the shop to downtown Morganton. Peek has collected the unique items for sale at the store through friends, garage and estate sales, and his general knack for finding unusual objects.

His vast collection includes vinyl records such as Charles Manson’s “Walking In The Truth,” which Manson recorded in prison, and Jim Jones’s “Last Sermon at the Peoples Temple, Jonestown, Guyana.” The store also features a collection of ornaments, referred to as “(P)Ornaments,” and buttons, “Smuttons.” Creepy dolls peek out from under shelves and random religious art adorns walls alongside vintage band posters. Toys, action figures, board games, and other collectibles (such as a giant cigarette lighter) sit on stacks of DVDs and VHS tapes.  A lone vintage projector huddles in the doorway of the record room and CDs are scattered throughout the shop. Several bookcases are filled with books on various subjects: biographies, history, art, film, true crime, fiction, magazines, and more. One bookcase is heaving under a mass of record players, tuners, and receivers. 

In October 2022, Peek started the Brown Mountain Lights Festival in downtown Morganton planning to run the festival annually. The festival highlights local bands and artisans in Morganton and, according to the festival’s website, coincides with an extraterrestrial phenomenon known as “the lights” when blue orbs randomly appear “in the area of Brown Mountain [every year] since Earthlings have kept records.” 

Peek can often be found sitting outside his store.

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Hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10am to 5pm.

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