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Hospital Torax de Terrassa

Sant Miquel de Gonteres, Spain

This chest hospital with a dark, haunted past serves as a fitting set for horror films and a paradise for ghost hunters. 


The Chest Hospital of Terrassa was operated by the Ministry of Health in the 50’s, chosen as the perfect place for TB, lung cancer, and fibrosis patients to convalesce in the La Pineda forest. While its distance from the city provided copious amounts of fresh air, the distance from family members led to patients feeling abandoned and depressed.

The hospital had a total of 1,500 rooms, carefully separating the lower-class from the wealthier patients, but if there was one place that class refused to recognize, it was the highest point in the building, the 9th floor. It’s said that this was the place that an exorbitant amount of those struggling to breathe and suffering alone chose to leap to their deaths into the gardens below. Patients and staff nicknamed the garden “The Jungle”, in reference to the grisly screams that were often heard coming from the trees before the all too familiar thump of another body landing on the ground.

Closed as a health center for good in 1997, the hospital and the gardens fell into disrepair, but served as a hotspot for paranormal enthusiasts, as any place with its history would. In 2004, the city decided to remodel and the space is currently being used for a few different things, including a residence wing for the mentally disabled, and as a location for horror films. 

While legends, rumors and ghost stories fly about, there’s at least one grisly tale that has been confirmed - police arrested a young man who had in his possession a fetus in a jar that they say he procured from the 5th floor. This just fueled sinister rumors that the 5th floor housed human remains that had been left behind and excited the paranormalists even more.

During operation, Hospital Torax de Terrassa had the highest suicide rate of any institution in the entire country.

Know Before You Go

The hospital is now (2018) a full time location for an audiovisual/film studio, and it is not possible to access the space without a booking.

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