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Masonic Temple Loge La Vertu

One of the oldest masonic temples in the Netherlands, built in 1757. 


Built in 1757 , Loge La Vertu is one of the oldest masonic temples in the Netherlands.

It started out as a student association but soon grew out to a serious branch of the illustrious Freemason order. Initial meetings were held at members’ houses and hotels, and then the lodge moved into their own premises.  

The building was all but destroyed during the Second World War, as the Germans banned all clubs that promoted free thinking. It was rebuilt after that and with a unique temple room on the inside, complete with triangular tables, candlesticks, a sword stand, and a glowing eye that always appears to be looking directly at you.

Today the lodge is still active, and has about 65 members, aged between 30 and 80. The members, on occasion, open the temple up to the public to show what the mysterious order is all about. 

Know Before You Go

The building is not open for visits apart from the yearly open monument day on the second weekend of September and an annual open day. So check the website before visiting!

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