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This old KLM airplane cut into three parts was transformed into an eclectic airport gift shop.  

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At every airport you will, of course, see airplanes, but rarely will you get to explore the cockpit, wheels, or engine. The Planes@Plaza KLM giftshop has solved this problem in a very creative way. An old KLM McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 was chopped into pieces when finally decommissioned. Instead of scrapping the parts, its nose, complete with its original cockpit, was placed inside the airport terminal. Placed right next to the cockpit are the plane’s wheelset and a large engine. The store is a popular destination for children as it’s filled with toys and games. The shop is said to be the most photographed spot in the airport. 

Know Before You Go

The plane is freely accessible for pictures. Entering the cockpit is sometimes free and other times it cost 4 euros for children and 8 for adults. 

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