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Emily and Joe Salazar are two self-taught artists who have been creating unique nature art since 2013. From punk rock flea markets to oddity expos, these macabre makers brought their creations into their own brick-and-mortar space. They opened up Rocky Mountain Punk in Lakewood, Colorado, where you can find handmade pieces like no other around. Nature art from bone jewelry, nature domes, lamps, and coffee makers.

Emily is a Colorado native and grew up in a mountain town. When she was about eight years old, a moth accidentally flew into her mouth and the experience traumatized her. It made her terrified of moths but she tried to get over her fear by making artistic creations pinning moths and butterflies. Around the age of 10, she began collecting yucca pods and pine cones to make wreaths to sell at community meetings.

Joe has been living in Colorado since the 1980s and has long made his own furniture by upcycling used and discarded furniture. He also makes distinctive coffee makers and he jokes that it’s common for people to try to duplicate other people’s creative ideas, but he hasn’t seen any others quite like his. He also creates lamps and larger nature art pieces. Occasionally, Emily and Joe will collaborate and combine their talents to make nature art pieces together.

The store also features pieces from other local artists as well as plants and antiques.

Know Before You Go

Check the website for hours.

The shop is located in a strip mall with free parking. It is handicap accessible. LGBTQ friendly. 

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