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Saydel Inc.

Huntington Park, California

Where religious effigies, magic soaps, and occult candles are brought to customers at wholesale prices. 


Los Angeles is a melting pot of people, tradition, and culture from every corner of the Earth and for over 25 years the Saydel wholesale store has specialized in providing for the more esoteric occult, spiritual, New Age needs of the city.

Claiming to be the “largest Occult, Spiritual, New Age and Religious supplier worldwide,” Saydel wears its unique interests on its sleeve. Immediately upon entering the surprisingly utilitarian store, customers are greeted by a life-size statue of Papa Legba, the orisha deity recognized by both Voodoo and Santeria as the go-between twixt gods and humans. Reflecting the diverse backgrounds of their customer base from the Caribbean, Mexico, and further afield, the shop carries a blend of African, Meso-American, and Roman Catholic items such as candles, oils, and effigies. However, despite the rare and esoteric beliefs represented in the shop, the shelves have the look of a tidy suburban pharmacy with rows of identical loa statues lined up next to tight formations of pre-fab prayer candles.

Everything from soaps that will provide favorable court outcomes to drug-trafficking saint statues are available at Saydel, and all for wholesale prices. However since none of the items in the store are priced, customers will need to pray to the cashier that they are inexpensive. 

Know Before You Go

Saydel is located one block East of Alameda Blvd.

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