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The Cannonball House

The historic home still shows the scars from a little run-in with the British in 1813. 


Not many things that get hit with a cannonball live to tell the tale. That is one claim to fame for the small town of Lewes, Delaware. Lewes is notable for its many historic homes, but perhaps the most unique is the Cannonball House on Front Street near the canal. 

The Cannonball House is so named due to the battle scars it bears from a little run-in with the British in 1813. During the Bombardment of Lewes, the British attacked the town and kept the canal front under siege, but eventually were defeated with the help of two forts that once sat in the park across the street. The Cannonball House was hit, and that same cannonball remains lodged in its side today. 

Thanks to the Lewes Historical Society, these historical sites still stand today for visitors to experience. The Cannonball House now acts as the local Maritime Museum, home to artifacts from the town’s nautically rich history, such as a Fresnel Lens from the Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse in the Delaware Bay.

Update: As of May 2023 the cannonball is missing from the wall only a dent to be seen.

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