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The Mountain Sphinx

Bușteni, Romania

Conspiracy theories and occult legends surround this mysterious natural rock formation. 


In the Bucegi Mountains of Romania there lies a rock formation shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories. From a certain angle, its outline resembles that of Egypt’s Great Sphinx of Giza.

The odd formation is one of the “Seven Wonders of Romania.” Over millions of years, the elements carved the nearly 40-foot-tall rock until it resembled something akin to a woman’s face. But the figure’s human-like appearance isn’t the main attraction that draws people to it.

The Mountain Sphinx (also known as the Sphinx of Bușteni) is a hotbed of folklore and conspiracy theories. Some say it’s a strong energetic force field, one of the Earth’s supposed chakras. Others say an ancient civilization carved it to represent some sort of supreme god. And, as with most mysterious places, there are people who claim aliens are somehow involved.

Still others say it sits atop a cave guarded by an impenetrable force field, which may possibly hold anything from a library to an abandoned uranium mine to crystals containing all of humankind’s knowledge. People have even gone so far as to claim that the CIA and Romanian secret forces have attempted to penetrate whatever treasures the rock allegedly guards.

Whether you decide to believe any of the legends or not, the Sphinx will still be there waiting, perched atop the mountain as it has been for millennia. And as for the supposed energy field, you’ll just have to feel it for yourself!

Know Before You Go

There are several hiking trails (of varying difficulty) to get here, leaving from the towns of Bușteni and Sinaia. You can also take the cable car up, but be aware of its opening and closing times, and that it will stop functioning in hazardous weather!

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