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Tiny Church

Soldotna, Alaska

Open day and night, a church with three pews and Bibles. 


Managed by the Trinity Christian Center, a domed church off in the distance, the Tiny Church is open day and night, left unlocked for anybody to wander in should they need a quiet, private place to pray. The idea is that the larger church could only be open during certain hours, but a smaller structure would allow 24/7 access to god. Inside, visitors will find three pews, song books, and Bibles.

The Tiny Church - and the larger Trinity Christian Center - is located in Soldotna, Alaska, a small village of less than 4,000 people. When the Kenai Peninsula was opened to settling by the United States government in 1947, following World War II, those wishing to live in the remote area needed a way to access it. A highway had to be built and, at the point where that road cross the Kenai River, the little town of Soldotna sprung up. The people of this area subsist on sport fishing and a small tourism economy. The town also received some benefits from the state government as it serves as the seat of the Kenai Peninsula.

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