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Torre do Pássaro

Parque Dom Pedro Shopping

A giant bird sits atop a tower at one of the largest shopping centers in Brazil. 


Located at the parking lot of one of the largest shopping centers in Brazil, this huge tower with a metallic bird statue on its top is has become a landmark of Campinas and its surrounding metropolitan region. 

Built in 2002, alongside Parque Dom Pedro’s opening, the monument’s purpose was to draw attention to the newly-established mall and attract customers. Based in a strong mechanical structure, the bronze bird used to spin during its first years. But after engineers found out that the rotation was putting the tower at risk of collapse and that the feature was consuming a tremendous amount of energy. Soon after, the spinning system was turned off.

At more than 127,000 square meters, Parque Dom Pedro is the one of the largest malls in South America. In addition to the regular shopping and the Torre do Pássaro, it is home to other attractions including a movie theater, amusement park, and a T-Rex park.

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Going to the top of the tower is not allowed by the mall's security guards.

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