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USA Field

Bluff Point, New York

One patriotic farmer's ode to the 9/11 tragedy remains even after the farm changed hands. 


After the tragic 2001 terrorist attack in New York a number of Americans expressed their grief and solidarity in any way they could, be it song, protest, poetry, or visual art, but New York’s USA Field may be the only instance where those emotions were communicated in crop circles. 

Farmers Darlene and Gary Cronk planted their giant-sized memorial on September 23, 2001 just after the attacks on the World Trade Center as a memorial to those who lost their lives in the national tragedy. The three simple (but massive) letters, “USA” were planted on an otherwise empty stretch of their field, proclaiming their love of country to passersby and aircraft for miles around. Each letter is longer than a football field at 360 feet tall a piece, and each one covers roughly an acre of land apiece.

Since the letters are the work of a singular pair of farmers, information on the crop lettering is scarce, but it is known that the Cronks sold the farm in 2011 and the colossal letters remain. It seems that patriotism is a common sentiment among America’s farmers. 

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