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Ibiza, Spain

Abandoned Hotel at Cala d’en Serra

Originally slated to become a luxurious resort, this structure is now a graffiti haunt reclaimed by nature.
Vaasa, Finland

Wasa Graffitilandia

An abandoned amusement park turned street art gallery with open walls for visitors to spray paint.
Pripyat, Ukraine

Abandoned City of Pripyat

The ghost town left by the worst nuclear disaster of all time is being taken over by nature and urban explorers.
Yokohama, Japan

Tsuzuki Mamoru-kun

A giant gorilla guardian of the neighborhood, warning people to drive safely.
Píllaro, Ecuador

Casa El Pacto

The devil masks on display at this small museum are part of an annual festival that has been taking place for centuries.
Afton, Virginia

Crozet Tunnel

A railroad tunnel that, upon its completion, was considered one of the engineering marvels of the modern world.
Buckingham, Virginia

The Light Of Truth Universal Shrine

The flower-shaped temple in Virginia aims to transcend the boundaries of the world’s religions.
Nienhagen, Germany

Gespensterwald (Ghost Forest)

Twisted trees shaped by coastal winds make this woodland look like something from a spooky story.
Kneževo, Serbia

Spomenik Mramor

A neglected spomenik overlooking the beautiful Kopaonik Mountains.
Békéscsaba, Hungary

Széchenyi-Wenckheim Castle Ruins

The ruins of an early 1900s neo-Baroque mansion sit nestled in a local park in the Hungarian plains.