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Berlin, Germany

Marx and Engels Forum

One of downtown Berlin's last reminders of its Communist past.
Berlin, Germany

The DDR Museum

A fascinating insight into daily life in the Eastern Bloc.
Isthmia, Greece

Isthmia Prime Hotel

A closer look at this somewhat faded hotel by the Corinth Canal reveals the architectural undertones of a genius.
Hydra, Greece

Profitis Ilias Monastery

A hilltop monastery on the Greek island of Hydra.
Tripoli, Greece

Church of Agia Fotini Mantineias

This church combines Christian, Byzantine, and ancient Greek architectural elements.
Argolis, Greece


This legendary city has been a tourist attraction for centuries.
Nea Tiryntha, Greece

Tholos Tomb of Tiryns

Step inside an ancient beehive tomb built for a mysterious cult hero.
Argolis, Greece

Komboloi Museum (Greek Worry Bead Museum)

The secular incarnation of a religious meditation.
Nafplio, Greece

Church of Agios Spyridon

The historic building has preserved human organs, unusual hexagrams, and scars from a political assassination.
Sparta, Greece


The ruins of an abandoned medieval city where the last Byzantine emperor was crowned.
Laconia, Greece

Pyramid on Mount Taygetos

The top of the holy mountain for the ancient Spartans looks like a pyramid—is it man-made or a natural phenomenon?
Laconia, Greece


This town named for the ancient God of War is home to fewer than a thousand people, but it's the birthplace of the Greek Revolution.