The worst mass shooting in American history unfolded early Sunday morning at a gay nightclub in Orlando, where 50 died after a gunman stormed the building and opened fire. 

Across the world, memorials and vigils have been taking place, from buildings lit up in rainbow colors to show solidarity with the LGBT community to moments of silence for the victims. 

Here’s Boston’s TD Garden sports arena.

In New York City, buildings lit up across town. Here’s City Hall

The Helmsley Building

And One World Trade Center

The Empire State Building, famous for its lights, went completely dark

Overseas, the Blackpool Tower in Blackpool, England, is set to go rainbow as well, as is the Eiffel Tower

In Sydney, Australia, the Harbour Bridge lit up. 

And the city’s Town Hall turned pink and flew the rainbow flag. 

That was in addition to Tel Aviv’s city hall

And stateside, the Canadian embassy lowered their flag to half-staff while adding a rainbow flag. 

Elsewhere in the United States, bridges lit up across the country in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. 

There was the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis

Kansas City’s Bond Bridge

The Henley Street Bridge in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

And the Big Four Bridge in Louisville. 

In Toronto, the sign of the city itself turned the colors of the rainbow. 

There were also vigils held across the world. In San Francisco, thousands of mourners came out. 

Residents in New Orleans lined the Mississippi River. 

While in New York City, hundreds gathered at the Stonewall Inn, where, nearly 47 years ago, riots sparked the modern gay liberation movement. 


Last night’s vigil for #Orlando.

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