A stone moon. (Photo: Quinn Dombrowski/CC BY-SA 2.0)

No more butts in Victoria. Thanks to strict new legislation in the Australian state, mooning and streaking have been officially and specifically outlawed, according to NT News.

The anti-butt laws were included in a more wide-ranging clause that was added to the  Summary Offences Act 1966, which amended around 50 sexual conduct laws. The more specific language was added to single out acts of sexual exposure such as mooning and streaking that might occur in a wide public forum (like, say, a cricket match), from a more serious targeted offense such as exposing oneself to a minor. Technically, pulling out one’s butt (or other genitals) in public has always been against the law, only now the language is simply more specific.

The clause also improves language to better deal with modern modes of sending butts such as Skype and Snapchat, but it’s not just the language of the laws that have been changed, the punishment has also been clarified, calling for fines and eventual jail time for repeat offenders.

Interestingly, the clause also goes out of it’s way to outlaw “an obscene song or ballad.” Although, how this could ever be applied given the sexually explicit nature of a great deal of modern music is unclear. One thing is clear however: Victoria has had it with all of these butts.