Australia has roughly 150 “big” objects scattered around the country. We’re talking big fruits, big cans of beer and big koalas, often erected for no reason. Other “big” things in Oz teeter on the brink of bizarreness. Go big or go home with these super-sized sites.

Giant Mushroom

Like something out of Alice in Wonderland, this colorful, capped fungus shields a children’s playground at the Fresh Food Markets in Belconnen in the capital territory, ACT. Seems strange, but it actually serves a healthy purpose: protecting kids and their parents from the strong Australian sun.

The Big Dead Fish

A few “big” fish exist throughout Oz, but this one is a bit morbid. The Big Dead Fish  lies on its side, mouth hanging open, on top of a bar called – wait for it – The Fishy Pub in the town of Fish Creek, Victoria. You’ll find fish logos and signs throughout this town, but none look quite as distressed as this one. 

The Big Ned Kelly

Is there anything more imposing than a 19.6-foot-high, 1 ½-ton bush ranger wielding a revolver and wearing an iron helmet? Decide for yourself if you visit his statue in Victoria’s Glenrowan, the town in which Ned Kelly was hanged for murder in 1880. 

Big Ant

Why is there a ginormous ant sculpture in the New South Wales town Broken Hill? Chalk it up to artistic expression and a bit of tourism marketing. Artist Pro Hart created the sculpture in 1980. It originally stood at Stephens Creek Hotel, but moved to the Broken Hill Tourist Information Center in 1990. Because, you know, why wouldn’t you want to stop in a town with a huge replica of a tiny insect?

The Big Boxing Croc

The only thing more ridiculous than this image of a crocodile is the name of the town in which it’s located: Humpty Doo. This 33-foot-tall croc sits in pure Outback country, up in the Northern Territory, outside a service station. He was built simply because the town wanted a big object of its own.