On April 14, a Saskatchewan rancher and her husband noticed a bunch of heifers on their property moving in a peculiar way. When they investigated further, they saw this: 

That, in case the video is too blurry, is a beaver leading around 150 heifers on a path to—apparently—nowhere in particular. “He was out and about, I think looking for a new place to build a beaver lodge, and they were following him,” the rancher, Adrienne Ivey, told the CBC.

Heifers are female cows that haven’t borne a calf yet. Ivey compared them to “teenagers,” meaning that they are young and impressionable and prone to following the crowd when perhaps they should be charting their own paths. And, as teenage behavior often does, the heifers beaver-following also made for great video. Ivey, for her part, said that it was “so Canadian” that Canadian cattle chose to follow—of all animals—a beaver, the country’s national symbol.