A few weeks back, we announced our California Dream Art Show, in which readers and their families would submit artworks inspired by places in California. We launched this project to celebrate our partnership with Visit California, and inspire our audience to explore all the beauty the state has to offer.

Since then, we received tons of incredible submissions that blew us away. We’ve seen artists of all ages share drawings that span from technicolor crayon drawings of tulips in bloom to sketches of spooky cemeteries to atmospheric watercolors bleeding into a landscape.

We were especially impressed by the submissions from our younger readers, as well as many of our readers’ kids. It’s always impressive to remember that the Atlas community is composed not just of intrepid travelers, but of artists, too. Combing through these submissions has reminded us anew of all that California has to offer, from scenic landscapes to quirky art pieces, and everything in between.

Check out the amazing work that was submitted below and on the Childhood Rules in California hub —it may help you plan your next trip.

"Pink's Hot Dogs," Los Angeles, CA
“Pink’s Hot Dogs,” Los Angeles, CA Eli Werde
"Route 66 End of the Trail Sign," Santa Monica, CA.
“Route 66 End of the Trail Sign,” Santa Monica, CA. Artwork by Tracy Ford.
"Fork in the Road," Pasadena, CA.
“Fork in the Road,” Pasadena, CA. Artwork by Sophia Stein.
"Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve," Lancaster, CA.
“Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve,” Lancaster, CA. Artwork by Adrea Gibbs.
"Point Vicente Lighthouse," Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.
“Point Vicente Lighthouse,” Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Artwork by Holly Sanders.
"West Hollywood Mural," Los Angeles, CA.
“West Hollywood Mural,” Los Angeles, CA. Artwork by Lostsoul7.
"June Lake," Mono County, CA.
“June Lake,” Mono County, CA. Artwork by Mark Shyres.
"Salvation Mountain," Calipatria, CA.
“Salvation Mountain,” Calipatria, CA. Artwork by Kai Schoenhals.
"Venice of America Canals," Los Angeles, CA.
“Venice of America Canals,” Los Angeles, CA. Artwork by Claire Syta.
"Glass Beach," Fort Bragg, CA.
“Glass Beach,” Fort Bragg, CA. Artwork by Ava Hoefert.
"Sleeping Beauty’s Castle," Anaheim, CA
“Sleeping Beauty’s Castle,” Anaheim, CA William Hebert