Would you ever steal cheese? (Photo: Pixabay/Public Domain)

Thirty thousand pounds of cheese hijacked? That’s not gouda.

Last week in Ontario, Canada, police arrested three men for stealing a tractor trailer full of cheesy goodness. Whether the cargo thieves were hoping to make pizzas, train for the annual Gloucestershire cheese rolling competition or simply woo hungry women with the stuff is unclear, but whatever their motivation might have been, they showed a clear need for cheese. And as tends to be the case with any intense cheese craving, this took place at 1:10am.

The need for cheese changed into a need for speed as the thieves successfully escaped the cops before the tractor trailer rolled over and they were spotted trying to hail a cab. Upon arrest, the three men lost their bounty of dairy and were each charged with theft over $5,000.

Cargo theft is reportedly a recurring problem in this area of Ontario. It really makes you wonder who’s the big cheese behind it all. 

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Update, 12/1: An early version of this article stated that the cheese was worth $5,000. Instead, each man was charged with a theft of over $5,000. We regret the error.

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