A Death Star-eye view of the home in question. (All photos: Courtesy Unique Estates)

A strangely-shaped dwelling in the wilds of Queensland, Australia is capturing the imaginations of aspiring home buyers across the galaxy, since it kind of looks like the Millennium Falcon.

The home’s resemblance to the spaceship is evidence either that Han Solo and friends crash-landed in the bush sometime after the Second Galactic Civil War, or that a Star Wars fever has overtaken everyone. The seller, a retired postage stamp dealer named Rod Perry, says he thought his home was just a cool mansion until he saw aerial photos, at which point he understood why everyone was calling it things like “starship galactica.” 

Fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy!

It was designed by Charles Wright in 2006 and built in 2009, and later received a 2014 Queensland Architecture Award for successfully integrating ”an otherworldly presence” with “the world’s oldest and most pristine landscape.” The open-air floor plan solves the humidity problems that plague residents of Australian rainforests. 

“Inside” the open-air living space.

There are some important differences between the home and the ship—for example, the home is stationary and lacks sensor jammers and blasters. It does, however, include a pool, four bedrooms, and a private beach.

The house is listed at $15 million, and Unique Estates is offering viewings to “genuinely interested purveyors.” May the Force be with you, genuinely interested purveyors.

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