Just a few days after the Iowa caucuses forced citizens to get out the vote, state residents are being tasked with another tough job: bring in the goat.

After escaping from a portable carrier, a 125-pound research goat named William has been running rampant all over the University of Iowa’s campus and the surrounding areas for a straight week, reports the Iowa City Press-Citizen

William bolted last Friday, January 30th, during “a transfer operation at the UI Research Park in northwest Coralville,” the Press-Citizen says. (The University of Iowa owns 14 lab goats, and uses them for orthopedic research). Since then, he has been spotted near the area—perhaps taunting his former captors, perhaps recruiting more escapees.

On Monday, some “university people” managed to trap him under a deck, but then he “took off running,” Coralville Police Chief Barry Bedford told the Press-Citizen. “Another time, the goat was seen in an area and they thought they had him penned in, but he got away from them.”

Experts wrangled by the Press-Citizen said that goats can easily survive in the wild for years, living off of shrubs and melted snow. Meanwhile, the Coralville Police Department has tweeted out a humorous “WANTED” sign, and Chief Bedford promises to “put whatever resources… as possible” into the retrieval. An equal match? Only time will tell.

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