(Photo: Screenshot)

When a fan runs out onto the soccer field, it’s annoying. When a fantail (or some other bird) does it, it’s cute! And maybe a little annoying.

A soccer game in Brazil yesterday had to be temporarily halted when a family of lapwings ran out onto the pitch. The long-legged birds look like they’re holding their own World Cup match, while everyone else stands around looking taken aback.

But this wasn’t even the first pitch invasion by lapwings. They also disrupted a match between Arsenal and San Lorenzo in October 2014. At one point, the mama lapwing just sat down on the pitch, and her babies snuggled up under her wings, and the players all waited patiently. And then lobbed a ball at her. 

Soccer games have also been disrupted by pine martens, cats, and moths, thus proving that nature hates sports.

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