The world’s longest pinball game was just played on a Twilight Zone machine. (Photo: Carsten Frenzi/Flickr

British Columbia resident Eden Stamm just broke the Guinness World Record for the longest consecutive pinball game ever played. Clocking in at 28 consecutive hours of pinging, dinging, and bouncing balls, Stamm blew through the former record at his local pub, the Lamplighter. 

Playing on a Twilight Zone-themed machine, Stamm not only conquered the existing record, but went on to play for hours after, just to make his achievement that much harder to beat. He was able to take breaks of up to five minutes each hour, but could bank that time for longer chunks, which he mainly used for interviews and stretches. The feat was recorded in a video by the Vancouver Sun.

Image: Vancouver Sun/Screencap by Eric Grundhauser

His pinball wizardry didn’t come without a cost, though. During his epic game the pinball machine actually broke down twice, according to Thankfully, Stamm’s crack team of supporters were able to swap out the game with a backup, while the original was fixed.

As for the toll a pinball game lasting more than a day can take on the human body, Stamm said that, surprisingly, his hands were more sore than his back. It took a lot of Advil and a singular dedication to the lure of a bygone game, but today the world has a new champion.

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