Beatles impersonators at a gathering of inferior numbers in Liverpool in the late 1990s. (Photo: Green Lane/WikiCommons)

Would the Fab Four be 73.5 times more fab if there were 290 more of them? Mexico City sought to answer that this week, when nearly 300 Beatles impersonators gathered for a record-busting singalong of “Let It Be.” Dressed in Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band finery, the 294 wanna-Beatles swayed and sang while setting a new world record for most Beatles impersonators in one place.

If you think you can gather more Beatles impersonators, 294 is now the number to beat. But if Beatles aren’t your bag, there are plenty of other outstanding records you could attempt to break: most Elvis impersonators (895), most ABBA impersonators (368), most Lady Gaga impersonators (a mere 121), and 300 Kate Bush impersonators (who repeated their record-setting feat just a week ago).

But hey, you don’t HAVE to try to break the world record for largest number of anything impersonators. You could just let it… well, you know.

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