Two men were canoeing in a creek in northern Wisconsin when they were startled to see a foot sticking out of a beaver dam.

“I was sure we had found a dead body that someone dumped into the creek,” one of them told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

As they approached the pile of sticks, though, it became clear that they had found a prosthetic leg.

The leg, it turned out, belonged to a Green Bay man who had lost it while fishing about three weeks before. His canoe had flipped, and in the rush to salvage his stuff, the leg had gotten away. It was an older model of prosthetic, the man told the Journal Sentinel, which he used on outdoors trips for exactly this reason.

His friends convinced him to post an ad on Craigslist, though, in case the leg reappeared. The two boaters found the ad and reunited the leg with its owner. It had traveled three miles through the water from the place where it was lost, to the dam that caught it.

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