The reef (Photo: Parks Victoria)

Off the south coast of Australia, the Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park has been hiding an incredible coral reef beneath its waters. Not long ago, when scientists for the region’s parks department mapped the sea floor in the area, they noticed what they call some “amazing underwater structures.”

When they sent down a robot with a video camera to investigate, they found a wealth of sea life: “massive coral fans, large sea whips and colorful sponge gardens beyonds scientists’ expectations,” Parks Victoria says.

Oh, and fish. Lots and lots of fish, including deep sea perch (also called orange roughy), which can grow about two feet long.

With coral reefs, including the Great Barrier Reef, dying from ocean acidification and other human impacts, the discovery of a new and vital reef is a refreshing change. There are animals living in this reef that scientists didn’t think lived in this area, and there are enough different species in the reef to make it a biodiversity hot spot, the Age reports

And, like many reefs, it’s just super beautiful. But maybe we should stay away from this one. Our attention hasn’t done other reefs much good. 

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