In November of 1965, the Beatles appeared on a TV special on “The Music of Lennon & McCartney.” Naturally, before they went on TV, they needed to get beautiful.

A make-up artist for the show shot some footage of the Fab Four goofing off and primping in their dressing room. Recently, her daughter donated the movie to the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, which released it to the public for the first time, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Mostly they seemed concerned with getting their famous hair just right. First, Paul brushes his back. Ringo combs his sideburns. George ruffles his. Then, more combing. More sideburn perfecting.

By 1965, the Beatles’ moptop mushroom haircuts were part of their signature style, though, so it was important that they get them right. When Ringo joined the band, John told him, specifically, to lose the beard he was wearing. But, the drummer was told, he could keep his sideburns. 

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