If there's no sign, it's probably not a pizza place.
If there’s no sign, it’s probably not a pizza place. stu_spivack/CC BY-SA 2.0

Thanks to an error on Google Maps, a home in Darwin, Australia was labeled as a pizza joint, and sure enough, the people came out.

The home belonged to 69-year-old Michael McElwee, who became aware of the mistake after people began showing up on his doorstep, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. McElwee says one person came to try to deliver magazines to his “pizza shop,” while another person came by looking for a job. McElwee’s neighbor also noted that their dog had been barking much more frequently recently.

In fact, the map marker was meant to locate a pop-up pizza joint that sets up every year in a nearby park; Google has since said that they are working to resolve the issue.

As for McElwee, he just hopes it’ll be fixed quickly.

“I don’t know how many people have turned up at my house thinking it was a pizza place,” he told ABC.