If you’re contemplating meal options at a restaurant and want a better idea of what to expect, you could look at a menu and imagine. Or you could take a look at an exact replica of each dish. A Japanese company called Fake Food Hatanaka is hoping you’ll choose the latter.

The company has been creating realistic models of restaurant dishes since the mid-1960s. And in this video, we get to watch a master of the process, Fake Food Hatanaka’s Noriyuki Mishima, who has been making faux food for 60 years.

The food, made out of a durable silicone, finds its home in restaurants and shop windows. “Photos don’t really give a sense of volume,” explains head of Fake Food Hatanka Norihito Hatanaka, in the video. Because they are handmade, these replicas can often cost way more than the real food, and a “single dish can cost several hundred dollars.”

As for computerized 3-D printing replacing the handmade art of crafting fake food, Hatanaka isn’t worried. “It’s a job for humans who have the creativity that machines lack. They don’t know what is beautiful and appetizing.”

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