The Kingshighway Bridge in St. Louis has been under construction for nearly two years—so when it finally opened this past weekend, there was cause for celebration. About 200 excited citizens, including a bagpiper, showed up to watch the ribbon cutting and to march across the nearly-finished bridge for the first time.

There was just one surprise: it was less finished than expected. Near the north side of the bridge, an unpaved spot remained, on top of which sat a small blue Kia hatchback. Apparently, as the Riverfront Times reports, “they simply paved around the Kia, leaving the vehicle on a sunken rectangular island.”

According to prior reporting from RFT, the city’s pavers were working down to the wire to get the asphalt poured after several bouts of rain caused delays. When they came across the car, they must have figured they didn’t have any time to waste, and skipped that patch.

As for the Kia’s driver, she came forward and explained herself—she was returning from a trip, and met her boyfriend in the area for drinks. When they left, they took his car, and left hers.

“Obviously I wouldn’t have parked there if there would have been a sign,” she says. But there wasn’t, and she did, and now her car has left its mark forever on the streetscape. (Until they come back with more asphalt, at least.)

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