Most people are taking care to protect their eyesight during next week’s eclipse, but that may be the least of anyone’s worries. The South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) recently warned of something much more ominous: the Lizard Man.

The SCEMD is referring to the local legend of a roaming Lizard Man, unique to South Carolina. Sightings of the South Carolina Lizard Man have been reported on a consistent basis for decades, and as one local news source describes the cryptid, it is “basically South Carolina’s Bigfoot.” The creature is most often described as being around seven-feet tall and covered in scales, with red, glowing eyes.

SCEMD included a map of Lizard Man sightings in the tweet, advising residents of Lee and Sumter counties to “remain ever vigilant.”

“As an emergency management professional, this is kind of embarrassing. Are you trying to be funny? Is that all this is?” One tweeter, named Panama Jack, asked, to which the SCEMD said, “Hey Jack… check the headlines,” linking to a news report that will be especially relevant next week: a map of places where people can go to see both the eclipse and (possibly) Bigfoot.