Have you ever climbed a mountain just for a meal? Want to?
Have you ever climbed a mountain just for a meal? Want to? kuhnmi/CC BY 2.0

People travel for a lot of reasons: sights, experiences, people—and, increasingly, food. As the endless variety of food-focused travel shows currently choking your favorite streaming service seems to illustrate, expanding your palate beyond the flavors of everyday life can be a worthy adventure by itself. But you don’t have to be Phil Rosenthal, Andrew Zimmern, or the late, great Anthony Bourdain to have experienced an exciting food adventure. We want to hear your incredible stories of the longest, most interesting, most arduous trips you’ve ever taken just to tickle your taste buds!

When you consider food itself a destination, you’ve probably taken more culinary expeditions than you realize. Maybe you hopped in your car for a day trip to check out a new restaurant. Or maybe you went to another country to experience a beloved regional cuisine first-hand. Or maybe, curiosity about a unique dish took you far, far out of your way. Short or long, we want to hear about the journeys you’ve taken for new food experiences, what made the trips special, and whether the food was worth the trek!

Fill out the form below to tell us your story, and we’ll share some of our favorite submissions in an upcoming article. If you have any pictures of your journey that you’d like to share, please send them to eric@atlasobscura.com, with the subject line, “Traveling for Food.”

If you have a story of your own culinary journey to share, head over to our community forums and tell us about it!

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