Dennis Goslow keeps hens in Echo Bay, Ontario, near the Canadian-American border and the city of Sault Ste. Marie. Last week, according to CBC News, he made a surprising discovery: the biggest egg he’s ever collected from one of his hens, weighing in at nearly half a pound. 

Goslow hasn’t cracked the egg open yet, but he wonders if the giant egg is in fact an egg within an egg, which result from a failed egg-laying, after which a second egg forms around the first. 

Whatever the case, we can agree that Goslow’s egg is still, by the rules of eggs, an egg, even if it is not the biggest chicken egg ever found. Guinness World Records says that one was laid in 1956 in New Jersey, and weighed just over a pound. 

Goslow said he doesn’t know which of his hens laid it, but he thinks of said hen with a mixture of pity and awe. “You can imagine, the poor thing coming out,” Goslow told the CBC. “It looks like an egg, but it’s a little rough.”

But he has at least one suspect. 

“I was looking for the one that didn’t have any butt,” he said. “When I was in there it seemed like one chicken was all light and happy.”