Provided no one gets hurt, truck spills are almost always funny: a huge thing dumping its load all across the road! Classic slapstick. But the very finest examples of the genre include a kind of symbolic dimension. Bread dough rises in the hot sun and escapes a Tacoma truck like a blob. Cases of Bud Light litter the roads of Long Island. In Indianapolis, a driver literally loses his marbles.

Such was the case in Louisiana on Tuesday, September 26th, when a truck driving through Metairie dumped thousands of nails all over Interstate 10, as though seeking vengeance against cars.

As reports, the truck was carrying roofing nails, and spilled a good deal of its cargo into the three left-hand lanes of I-10. “It looked like someone opened a window and threw out confetti,” Barbara Bagwell, who drove through afterwards, told the outlet.

If this was revenge on the truck’s part, it worked. Bagwell later found three nails in her car’s tread. One tire shop employee told that a customer came in with two punctured tires: one with 10 nails and one with 14, as though they were competing over piercings.

Crews from Louisiana’s Department of Transportation and Development spent about four hours sweeping the nails up with brooms, and the road is clear once again. Angry drivers aside, we can say that this truck nailed it.

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