Everywhere we look in the world, there’s something awe-inspiring, and we love exploring natural phenomena wherever they happen. Take a look back at some our favorite wild wonders through this collection of classic episodes of The Atlas Obscura Podcast. From a toxic Andean lake that is a window into the dawn of life to an exploration of mass extinctions and much more, these episodes are sure to inspire both awe and reflection.

Relampago del Catatumbo

In northwestern Venezuela, a lightning storm puts on a show nearly every night. Unsurprisingly, the area has been named as the most electric place on Earth.

Laguna Del Diamante

High in the Andes in Argentina, a toxic lake provides a window to our planet’s past—and a key to securing its future.

Milky Seas

Go where the glow is. Tune in for the story of a scientist and a ship captain in search of gigantic swaths of bioluminescence that radiate from the surface of the sea over thousands of square miles.

Spacecraft Cemetery

Where does space stuff go after it dies? To this spot deep, deep in the Pacific Ocean. We dive into the story of the Spacecraft Cemetery, a dumping ground in New Zealand where vessels that explore the stars end their lives.

The Various Ends of the World

The world has already ended—at least five times over. Science writer Peter Brannen takes you on a tour of the world’s five major mass extinctions.