Everyone’s favorite, flammable 40-foot Christmas goat is back! The Gävle Goat is a giant straw Yule Goat constructed each year in Gävle, Sweden, since 1966. Unfortunately, it’s also become an annual tradition for hooligans to torch the festive animal.

Despite local officials’ confidence that it would survive last year, the Gävlebocken as he’s known burned on December 21. This year there’s reportedly bigger security, but with everything from helicopter theft attempts to a Gingerbread Man pyromaniac in the past, we wouldn’t necessarily bet against some holiday flames. 

Below we’ve updated our Unfortunate Fates of the Gävle Goat Timeline for 2014! Created by Atlas Obscura’s graphic designer Michelle Enemark, scroll right to follow Volvo attacks, sabotage, and, of course, arson. You can also follow the Gävle Goat on his charming Twitter, and watch the live web cam at the Visit Gävle website.