In the new Photo of the Week feature, we highlight an exceptionally amazing photograph submitted by an Atlas Obscura user. 


This week we selected this colorfully bleak shot of the abandoned Armour Meatpacking Plant that was captured by user musicman, who had this to say of the haunting photo:

This is one of the first photos I took inside the Armour Meatpacking Plant, abandoned since the 1950s. I chose this particular vantage point because it pretty well encompasses everything about an old abandoned building — natural light from the collapsed roof, the doors to nowhere (right behind the rockslide rubble, and just to the right of the moss-covered stairs), the variety of colors with the graffiti, the rusted structure, and the moss, and the overall eerie vibe the place gave off. It was even more eerie when, just after I started shooting, I heard a ‘Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!’ that made my heart race — two hawks were upset with my intrusion and flew out of the rafters just above me. With silence all around, their sound was magnified — but it just added to the overall experience.

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