In the new Photo of the Week feature, we highlight an exceptionally amazing photograph submitted by an Atlas Obscura user. 


This week’s photo captures some taxidermy from the Frog Museum in Switzerland, showing us a world that is one croak away from our own. This shot was taken by Atlas user wurzeltod who had this to say about the shot:

“I must have been around eight when my parents first took me to the Musée des Grenouilles [Frog Museum] in the tiny medieval town of Estavayer-le-Lac. 

This summer, I spontaneously decided to go back. And even though my favourite piece (“Frog Riding a Squirrel”) was on loan to a museum in Heidelberg, it was fantastic to be back and to see the anthropomorphised amphibians in all their surrealistic glory — playing cards, going to a barber shop, enrolling in the army, getting drunk on cheap wine, playing pool, writing letters and of course going to frog school. While I actually did remember many of the dioramas in fantastic detail thanks to my very visual memory, I also noticed that the museum itself is a trouvaille full of the eccentric charm of the rural Romandie.”

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