With travel plans on pause and social distancing still in effect, the world feels a little smaller right now. Luckily, between digital museum collections, documentaries, and online experiences, there are plenty of ways to explore the world, even if you can’t hop on a plane.

Photography has a long, long history with travel, and now it’s also been the creative outlet for many people under quarantine, whether they’re documenting daily life through disposable cameras, learning how to take great portraits over Zoom, or getting the kids involved. Some are flexing even more creative muscles, such as Erin Sullivan, a Los Angeles–based travel photographer who created and photographed miniature outdoor adventures using pancakes, aluminum foil, and other things around her house.

Now we want to see the world through your lens. We’re challenging you, your kids, your family, and your friends to take photographs inspired by Atlas Obscura. Below, you’ll find 10 intriguingly named places from around the world. We’d like you to find a way—creative, literal, even abstract—to bring these places to life with a still image. It could be a miniature landscape like Sullivan’s, something completely original inspired by the title, or something in your home or neighborhood that might as well go by the same name.

Share your photos with us by email to places@atlasobscura.com, on social media, or in Atlas Obscura’s forums. We’ll feature some of the most interesting photographs in a future article.