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THIS EPISODE OF THE ATLAS OBSCURA PODCAST begins with a journey into the milky blue waters of Blue Spring State Park, where we meet Florida’s unofficial mascot: the manatee. For five months out of the year, hundreds of these gentle giants merrily float through the waters, seeking refuge from the cold – an astounding site to behold.

Join host Dylan Thuras as he traces the journey of this keystone species with researchers and conservationists, and as he discovers some positive news in the fight to nurse Florida’s beloved sea cow population back to health. Blue Springs State Park is central to this conservation success story – before the park was established, researchers tracked only 14 manatees in the spring run. Last year, they logged a whopping 729.

If listeners fall for the manatee, they can visit the park, where they can rent a kayak, go snorkeling, and maybe even amble alongside these endearing aquatic mammals.

Orlando Sentinel