Pokemon go! No? Really. Go. #akwx

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Just last week, Dan Snider, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Anchorage, Alaska, didn’t have to spend much time worrying about trespassers. On Friday, though, he—like the rest of us—was plunged into the Age of Pokémon Go, in which otherwise law-abiding people will chase invisible creatures onto federal and private property.

“We’ve seen a few more cars pulling in here than normal that aren’t coming in for weather information,” Snider told Alaska Dispatch News. “I’m pretty sure it’s a training gym.”

To keep players out of the government’s hair, Snider decided to speak their language, installing illustrated signs near testy spots. “PIKACHU REMINDS YOU THAT POKEMON TRAINERS MUST NOT TRESPASS ON FEDERAL PROPERTY,” says one just outside the building.

Near the front yard is another, even more helpful sign: “CHARIZARD IS ON STATION HERE TO KEEP YOU FROM SITTING ON OUR SEPTIC FIELD.”

“They were just camping in it before,” Snider told ADN. If you must train, he suggests the nearby trail instead. No use Go-ing where someone already went.

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