The flipmaster at work.
The flipmaster at work. Via YouTube

Crisp, warm flatbreads hot off the fryer are wonders in and of themselves. And the flaky bread roti prata (or roti canai), a specialty of Singapore and Malaysia, is an especially sumptuous treat. Especially when it’s dipped in curry.

But the particular way that roti prata is prepared—that is, how the dough is flipped—is an art in itself. The technique involves flattening the dough, lifting it with one hand, pulling it with the other, and twirling it, all while working your way around it.

In the video above, a roti expert from Singapore’s Rahmath Cheese Prata stall, located within a hawker center (a locale where made-to-order food is sold in various stalls), gives a brief master class in making roti prata flipping look absolutely mesmerizing.

While flipping, he both crafts the dough into something incredibly thin and expands it, right before folding it up. The second half of the video is in slow motion, so you can see the full revolution the dough makes in the air before he slaps it down on the table. Looks like it’s time to see a man about some roti prata.

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